LightSheer lasers

Lumenis LightSheer lasers used to permanent hair removal are the best known devices in the reference group.

Their proved effectiveness is often specified as the gold standard of depilation.

The most significant advantages of the Lumenis LightSheer lasers are effectiveness, reliability, treatment safety and long lifetime.

Currently we service the following Lumenis LightSheer lasers:

  • LightSheer Desire
  • LightSheer Duet
  • LightSheer XC
  • LightSheer ET
  • Other LightSheer versions: ST, EC, SC, EP

Selected problems and faults of LightSheer lasers:

  • Cooling message
    It may be generated in case of cooling system or ChillTip issue.  Its occurrence usually disables the normal laser treatment due to required breaks in device operation necessary for the system to reach temperature level that has been set.
  • Laser working loudly
    Usually results from needed cleaning of device interior in order to get rid of accumulated dust.  Such impurities should not be belittled as in extreme cases long-term negligence may lead to laser overheating and serious power supply damage. Laser working loudly may also be caused by fans (bearings) that have been already used up or insufficient cooling system.
  •  OptiPulse Message
    OptiPulse unavailability means that the shortest impulse time (Auto) can not be reached
    In such case it should be checked if the laser has been calibrated correctly and if the energy level emitted by handpiece is correct. To perform such validation, the external laser power meter should be used. If the measurements confirm the correct laser performance, handpiece should be exchanged due to power loss driven by wear and tear of laser diodes
  • Cooling liquid leak from under the device
    Serious, but very rarely appearing issue that is usually driven by breakdown of cooling system pump. The cooling liquid leak can additionally lead to significant damages such as pouring of the power supply (LightSheer XC) or compressor (LightSheer DUET). It is recommended to exchange the pump as soon as possible and perform laser inspection.
  • E3 error 
    It appears quite rarely and refers only to the older LightSheer lasers. The E3 error means the breakdown of laser controller board and disables its further usage. The laser repair consists in controller board exchange and repeated comprehensive calibration of device.

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