Cutera handpieces

Refurbishing of Cutera handpieces is a complex process, consisting of the following steps:

  • Exchanging the lamp for new, original one, used by manufacturer (Cutera)
  • Cleaning and polishing the reflector situated inside handpiece
  • Cleaning and calibration of elements belonging to handpiece optic system
  • If needed the exchange of damaged filter and / or crystal
  • Repair or exchange of broken electrical wires and / or connectors
  • Reset of shot counter
  • Handpiece power calibration
  • Validation of handpiece working properly

Each refurbishing service is backed by 12-month warranty or till the impulses run out (even to 50.000).

We offer refurbishing for all types of Cutera handpieces:

  • Titan S/V/XL
  • LimeLight
  • Prowave 770
  • OPS600
  • LP560

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  • Short terms of service realization
  • Competitive prices

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