LightSheer handpieces

Available on the market Lumenis LightSheer handpieces can be classified in reference to the spot size:

  • 9 x 9 mm – ET handpiece having the smallest spot size (0,81 cm2). It has been installed in many models of LightSheer devices:  EP, ST, SC, EC, ET.  After some modifications done by manufacturer, now it is also compatible with the LightSheer Duet and LightSheer Desire systems.
  • 12 x 12 mm – XC handpiece having the spot size 1,44 cm2 primary used only with the LightSheer XC device. Currently (after some structural modifications) it is also available for the LightSheer Desire system users.
  • 22 x 35 mm – HS handpiece (High Speed) having the biggest spot size (7,7 cm2).  It debuted together with the LightSheer Duet laser premiere.  Its slightly modified version is also compatible with the LightSheer Desire device.

All above mentioned handpieces are subject to wear and tear.


Apart from external plastic case and handpiece umbilical cable, the condition of laser diodes is the most crucial case.

Each made shot is the laser beam emission generated by above mentioned diodes.

In line with the growing number of performed treatments, the life of laser source is becoming shorter.

In time despite the correct power supply to the handpiece, it doesn’t emit sufficient laser energy any more.

Then the user is informed that OptiPulse mode is not available and experiences system errors during treatment session or already during calibration.

In such cases manufacturer recommends the handpiece exchange to the new one.


Alternative to this expensive solution is refurbishing of the handpiece.  


After exchanging the key wear parts, mainly laser diodes, the full functionality of handpiece is restored.

Refurbishment offer is prepared after expert assessment of handpiece condition that enables the service costs to be optimized.

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