Repairs of fibers

Do you know that fiber is a wear part? Its long-term use naturally causes the reduction of its effectiveness. As a result during treatment session patient can receive lower dose of laser radiation and after all return with complaints about no expected treatment results.

To avoid risk of losing your client, check your fiber today!

Have you observed lower power of your laser?  Treatments using fiber don’t give expected results?

Most probably your fiber needs to be repaired!
Fiber belongs  to the wear parts of laser equipment.  It enables to lead light beam to destined place situated remotely from the radiation source that significantly increases comfort in use. Over time, however, every fiber is being degraded. As a result the laser light transmission is becoming visibly reduced.

In most often cases the fiber connectors are damaged or fiber integrity is broken.
Despite this fact many laser manufacturers do not offer fiber repairs and in that way make clients buy new fiber.

Now you have a choice!

You can send the fiber to us for free check. If its repair is possible, the service price can be even 5 times lower than in case of buying new fiber.

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