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Alma Dye-VL Handpieces

Refurbishment of Alma Dye-VL Handpieces

If your handpiece has already reached the pulse limit and you cannot use it anymore – don’t worry, we have solution for you!

We offer the services of both repair and refurbishment of Alma Dye-VL handpieces via which the full primary functionality of the handpiece is restored.

Within the confines of refurbishment process the handpiece key internal parts are exchanged. As next step the handpiece performance is precisely tested.

The verification of handpiece emitted energy is done with the use of the professional laser power meter OPHIR VEGA to ensure that the conducted treatments will be both effective and safe.

The refurbished handpiece is covered by 12-month warranty (the same warranty period as manufacturer offers).

The lead time usually amounts to a few working days while importing the new one can take even 8 weeks!

The offer is valid for the following devices: Alma Harmony XL PRO, Alma Harmony XL, Alma Beauty Rejuve and Alma Baby Rejuve

The system messages showing the necessity to refurbish or repair the handpiece are following:
Pulse Limit Reached | Handpiece Expired | Lamp Simmer Error 

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