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MedArt Lasers

MedArt Laser system is a professional, versatile solution used in most dermatological applications. Along with MedArt Scanner it provides different options of treatments showing impressive long-term results. This compact and portable laser makes treatments fast and safe without compromising the ability to individualize treatments by adjusting treatment pattern, density and on-time.

MedArt Laser delivers focused or diffused laser beam to the treatment area. Combined with the individualized parameter specification depending on treatment type it enables to achieve great results. The wide range of MedArt Laser applications covers among other things skin rejuvenation, scars removal, endovascular treatment, hair removal, treatment of wrinkles and vascular lesions, gynecologic applications etc.

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MedArt SmartSculptTM 1470 nm
MedArt SmartSculpt™ is a compact, safe, and accurate continuous wave 1470nm diode laser system. It is mainly used as smart solution for facial and body contouring and sculpting.
MedArt VariMedTM 810 nm
Silent, safe and efficient 810 nm Diode Laser System mainly used to permanent hair removal and treatments of vascular lesions.
MedArt FRx Intenz CO2
MedArt FRx Intenz CO2 is a highly versatile and capable CO2 laser system combined with unique scanning technology for fractional or full ablation treatments.
Refurbished lasers

In our portfolio we also offer the refurbished lasers. They are renovated devices coming from secondary market. Before being offered they are precisely tested, measured and cleaned. All necessary repairs are performed and key wear parts exchanged for the new ones.

The refurbished devices we offer are the top-brand lasers, but the investment needed for their purchase is significantly lower vs buying the new ones.

Choosing the refurbished option contributes to visible savings while keeping the same quality level of purchased high-tech advanced devices.

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Lyra – laser dedicated to vascular treatments
Lyra is the medical Nd:YAG laser produced by the US Laserscope / Iridex company (currently Cutera).
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