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Expert assessment of device and handpiece condition

If you make decision to purchase the preowned device, most probably you wouldn’t like to buy a pig in a poke. The written expert assessment of technical condition provides you with transparent and unambiguous information about the basic device parameters as well as the level of its wear and tear. In that way you can significantly reduce the risk of apparent bargain offer.
In case of laser handpieces, e.g. dedicated to the LightSheer devices, the prices of which can stand for even 1/3 of the whole device value, the exact verification of their condition is worth checking. Unfortunately, even very good external appearance of device doesn’t guarantee its long-term performance with no breakdowns in the future.
The written expert assessments, that on client’s request can include photographic documentation too, can also act as background to indicate the reasons for breakdown of handpiece or device. After interior inspection of examined unit, it is easy to distinguish the mechanical damages caused for example by dropping the handpiece from breakdown resulting from unsuitable or long-term usage.

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