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EPILDREAM ONE is the 808 nm wavelength diode laser platform, used for progressive hair removal treatments – permanent, fast and completely safe for a patient.
The high frequency 20Hz and laser power at the level of 600W guarantee satisfying treatment results achievable in short time.
With the use of EPILDREAM one the hair removal treatments can be conducted all year round (including summer), also on tanned skin.
The laser is safe for all skin phototypes, including 5 and 6 – dark skin patients. Additional advantage is the fact that the handpiece is ended with the ceramic part cooling the patient’s skin during the treatment. It is fully safe and does not cause any allergy, even for people with extra sensitive skin.

FIBER PRO is the diode laser used for hair removal, equipped with liquid fiber. It is working with three wavelengths in parallel: 760nm, 808nm, 1060nm. It has quite substantial cooling surface making the treatment more comfortable for patients.
SHAPINPULSE is the diode laser used to non-invasive thermo lipolysis – reduction of fat tissue in various areas of the body. It is equipped with handpieces emitting the 1060nm wavelength.

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