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Medical lasers
MedArt SmartSculptTM 1470 nm

MedArt SmartSculpt™ is a compact, safe, and accurate continuous wave 1470nm diode laser system. It is mainly used as smart solution for facial and body contouring and sculpting.

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Laser Description

MedArt SmartSculpt™ is a compact, table-top sized, safe, and accurate continuous wave 1470nm diode laser system, which is designed for ablation of fat cells as well as skin tightening, to obtain optimal lifting.

Redefining Contour & Sculpting Treatment Area:
  • Chin & Submental
  • Lower cheek & Jowls 
  • Neck 
  • Arms 
  • Braline & Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs 
  • Knees 
  • Legs
Laser Assisted Reduction of Axillary Hyperhydrosis Treatment Area:

• Armpit

Option for Nail Fungal Infection Application Treatment Area:

• Fingernails and Toenails

Endovenous Options for Varicose Vein Treatment Treatment Area:
  • Small Vascular lesions in Various Areas 
  • Leg Varicose Vein
Key advantages
  • Minimally Invasive 
  • Local Anesthesia / Tumusent 
  • Fast Recovery/Short Downtime 
  • Result Compares to Extensive Invasive Surgical Procedure
  • Compact & Portable (4.5 kg)
  • Silent Operation 
  • Built-in Power Meter 
  • QSC – Switch for Optimal Protection   of Laser Console
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How it works?

The SmartSculpt laser system delivers 1470nm laser energy through a 600 micron fiber, targeting the adipose tissue/ or apocrine glands of armpit. A red guide light pinpoints the position of the fiber beneath the skin, enhancing precision, safety and ease of treatment. The laser energy causes disruption of fat cells and coagulation of blood vessels. The liberated cell contents can be aspirated by liposuction if necessary.

Very Efficient Method with a Quite Short Downtimes

Laser assisted lipolysis is a minimal invasive method to treat unwanted localized adiposities by laser thermolysis and inducing collagen neogenesis through stimulating skin fibroblasts. The final outcome is skin tightening and area re-contouring. A very efficient method with a quite short downtime.

Minimally Invasive – Faster Recovery

Smaller gauge instrumentation introduces through a couple of mm puncture beneath the skin, means no sutures are required. The combination of reduced tissue trauma and the haemostatic action of the laser results in less bruising and swelling, promoting faster recovery.


SmartSculpt’s ergonomically designed handpieces are optimized for comfort and safety. The grip has been engineered to ensure maximum comfort and control during the procedure. The fiber is held firmly in position within the cannula by a locking mechanism. A range of cannula lengths are available to suit all requirements.
MedArt SmartSculpt provides different options of treatment with 1470nm diode laser using 400/600/1000μm fiber and a 16G blunt cannula (150 mm, 200 mm or 250 mm). The MedArt SmartSculpt laser comes with 15 or 25 watt power output

Specifications MedArt SmartSculptTM 1470 nm
Laser Type Continuous Wave Diode laser Class 4 (IEC 60825
Output Power Range 1-15 W or 1-25 W in steps of 0.1 W
Wavelength 1470 nm
Aiming Beam Adjustable Aiming Beam Light through Fiber (635nm)
Mode of operation Continous or Pulsed Operation
Frequency range 0.3-100 Hz
Main voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, Max 150 VA
Fiber 400 / 600 / 1000 μm
Fiber Connection QSC Quick Connection
Hand Piece - Cannula Length: 150, 200 or 250 mm
Size 30 x 27 x 17 cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Product code MedArt 720 or MedArt 725
Certifications CE 0459 (MedArt 720 & MedArt 725) FDA (MedArt 720)